Thursday, December 16, 2010

Technological convergence and Julian Assange's hairstyle.

Sad to see The Economist on the wrong side of History, yet once again. DDOS do not come from terrorists; that statement is as foolish as the US asking wikleaks to "return" the documents---perhaps wikileaks should send them the link so they can get their docs returned?

Nobody said anything bad about wikileaks when it was all about Kenya. If this was about a leak about NK's clumsy governmental affairs, it would be cheered by all. But since the focus is on the US's dna, password and credit card stealing from the UN SecGen, now, despite claims that the leaks are only gossip, it has become a hot topic---Hillary might eventually have to step down, as clumsily as Rumsfeld.

At any rate, this is NOT about Assange, this is NOT about the USA, this is not about WIKILEAKS---at all.

This is about a point in history in which technological convergence has enabled constant surveillance of everything. Has anyone noticed the thousands of startups trying out every possible permutation and combination of ideas and technologies? It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the combination:

i) secure channels + ii) wiki + iii) leaks from whistleblowers.

the wiki part is irrelevant---it can be changed to "forums", or "torrents", or "votes", or many other publishing tools. So really the combination of i) and iii) is what is changing History; yet nobody looks at it from the long-term view; everyone's too concerned about Assange's hairstyle.

Historically, the convergence of i) and iii) was inevitable.

Assange, the name Wikileaks, and the US cables are just accidents of History. History put us on a path that would inevitably create something of the sort. Ideas i) and iii) were bound to meet and stay joined, with a force as strong as two oxygen atoms.

And there's no going back, like it or not. There were dozens of wikileaks mirrors 20 days ago. Today, there are thousands. Shut down wikileaks, and watch Openleaks, DiggLeaks, GodKnowsWhatURLLeaks come up the next day.

Good luck fighting against Historical convergence.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

actually, " was only a matter of time before someone " doesn´t cut it right. You have to give credit to John Young. He had up and running since long long time ago. Ciao Roland