Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trolling patent trolls

After IBM's patent of the 40-minute meeting (get it here), I think it's time to troll the patent trolls, by letting them look themselves in the mirror, as they try to make money by destroying value. Nothing against patents per se, but patent abusers should have a chance to see themselves in the mirror find out whether they like what they see. The abuse of patents is the second worst thing in the tech world (second only to this unspeakable disgrace:"twitter, triumph of humanity").

I think the best approach, at least for a powerless author like yours truly, is to edit their wikipedia page, calmly and objectively pointing out how these patents are just plain dumb. Neutral point of view and reliable sources are very welcome.

I did this first when Microsoft applied last year (2008) for the breakthrough of a page-up and page-down button, which would let you scroll documents; hear me out; one page at a time. That was decades old technology, and it's a blatant abuse of a failed patent system. The wording has been changed all over, but it still lies right there at Microsoft's entry:
David Meyer writing on pointed out that, "Microsoft has a long history of applying for, and being granted patents for, inventions that many argue--and can sometimes demonstrate--were based on earlier work carried out by others, or based on a common, self-evident idea."[109] This was in response to its 2008 patent application for the ability to progress in page-up or page-down increments with a single keystroke -- a method that has been pervasive for decades. [110]
This is from IBM's entry on Wikipedia:
IBM holds more patents than any other U.S. based technology company and has eight research laboratories worldwide
It's only logical and fair to point out how they do it: by abusing the system and stamping out junk. So now is the time to update IBM's page, which I did. But of course it was reverted: "Slashdot is not a reliable source". Dammit CowboyNeal! So here is a gathering of "reliable" sources for IBM's patent abuses.

Here is the "
paper or plastic" patent (please please check this link, it's worth it), the "but I only had soup" patent, the offshoring patent, the "who is going to pee next" patent, the "Terry is a boy, Jeena is a girl" patent (from a garbage, "unreliable source", unfortunately).

Dear IBM, may I humbly ask: What is the point of having a record number of patents if they are just plain stupid? Are you really keeping these admittedly schizophrenic policies?