Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine flu: What can you do?

As of this moment, all schools in Mexico are closed down.

The Swine Flu outbreak has possible cases in more than 20 countries, in ALL continents. Here are the symptoms, uploaded to Wikipedia by some great soul:

The good news is that THERE IS something you can do, if you want to help (and protect yourself in the process). It is the exact same that the uploader has done.

The entire planet will be looking for news over this, and here information saves lives. Millions of people will, eventually, read the Wikipedia page. If you do want to help in fighting this, here's a tip: study the news. Study the Wikipedia page, and update any missing information in there.

If your natural language is not English, work on the local Wikipedia page. If you understand English, consider translating the English page to your language. Translation to the Spanish page may be the best thing right now. You don't have to do the whole page, of course. But each minute, or hour, you devote to it may save lives. If this is a serious threat to us all, you can actually save lives by dedicating yourself for a few hours. Think about that.


Anonymous said...

That's a good idea, Alex. Shit's bad. I'm gonna translate some of the english Wikipedia to portuguese.