Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What if codelets are only bossing around?

What if codelets are only bossing and bitching around?

I mean, from what I get from all the code I've seen in so many projects, codelets actually do things. They work directly on representations. Sometimes they scout STM for something to be created; sometimes they build some stuff out there; sometimes they trigger other codelets, etc.

But what if they only sent signals? What if they only were bossing around?

This is something that the Starcat team has started, but can be done in a deeper way. The advantage of it would be simple: you could encapsulate all codelets, for any domain existing in the universe, and cleanly separate them from the accidental features of your problem.

But here comes Christian's Law, once again: "Language compiles everything".

Back to the compiler.