Monday, February 4, 2008

The internet's backbone

Despite all the talk about Apple and Google, Adobe is the coolest company on earth. With flash, and soon, AIR, they are the backbone of the net. If you want to be stunned and see what they are up to; take a look at these two product lines:

Video. They are moving from low-quality (read: YouTube) videos to high-quality, high-def. In Flash! That is an amazing feat.

Check it out for yourself. Double-click for fullscreen video.

(Hat tip to an amazing flash video blog).

This is going to have an impact in TV broadcasting in the following years.

If that is not enough, check out Sprout, a new web2.0 company; also using flash, and soon, AIR. It's enormously powerful stuff, and enormously easy to use.

You really have to hand it to those guys. This is beautiful work. They are really changing the curve of the curve.