Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't know about you damn Darwinists...

I don't know about you monkeyboy Darwinists, but I'm sure as hell submitting papers to The Journal of Creation!

Misclassifications of Adenine and Guanine: Serious fraud of scientific evidence?

Dr. A. Linhares
Reverend, Universal Life Chuch

Abstract. In this article we present conclusive data showing that DNA base pairings of nucleotides--most specially some subtle effects involving pyrimidines--explains why both (i) the overall length of a DNA double helix determine the strength of the association between the two strands of DNA and (ii) how Eve was encouraged by a snake to led Adam eat of The Forbidden Fruit. Moreover, by showing that Adenine and Guanine have been intentionally misnamed with an explicit agenda against a clearer comprehension of the events surrounding His death and resurrection (a mischievous fraud for which its proponents shall repent), we demonstrate that such entities should have been characterized with the letters E and V. With our more modern terminology, we have been able to uncover 100 Billion instances of the naturally occurring "EVE" sequence in the genome of the species in which no one is free from sin. Needless to mention, it is no coincidence that 100 Billion is exactly the estimated number of galaxies in the observable universe, and even if supermassive black holes are found at the center of galaxies--a speculative, yet potentially possible finding--that would not in any statistically significant sense bear any effect on the data concerning the fact that He called Abraham and his progeny to be the means for saving all of humanity, or related phenomena.

So long, you fools! --Alex


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Do you believe in Richard Dawkins?

God Bless You! :-)