Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pleasure, maybe. Avoid pain, thanks!

Today I could'nt go to the class. I was giving a seminar of text mining and artificial intelligence on Fluminense Federal University (UFF). Here then goes my today's contribution.

Doing cognitive science is hard job because we just can't look inside us clearly. We can't ask objective questions to our brain. We have only access to a very high level instructions. Thus, last class I refactored my intuition about the hedonic guide of our lives, e.g., one being tries to maximizes pleasure and minimizes pain as well. I realized it might have a possibility that this is not a simetric distribution. Ingrate, but I think one may have much more pain then pleasure. Pain is a strong word, the left extreme. A discomfort or distress may be a better word. Thus, one may have much discomfort in daily life. It might be necessary to make us move on, to act or todo something.

Imagine one exposed to a situation that causes him this feeling. The situation sets hedonic function to a little bit under neutral point. A short-circuit alerts to bring back balance. One only stabilish peace if the short-circuit was released. Ok, my point is that this situation is kind of a bit similar with pleasure, but it is not the same. A pleasure is a move with neutral point as origin. I suppose we have a stick that slip a bit down every time. And this movement is what makes life.