Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life on the easy street

Things to finish STILL in 2007!

  • NUMBO implementation
  • NUMBO documentation (framework)
  • NUMBO documentation (NUMBO domain-specific)
  • The PhD Seminar
  • Paper on the Capyblanca Project
  • Jarbas' PhD Project
  • Carla's PhD Project
  • Anna's PhD Project
  • Jarbas' paper
  • Brum's psychological experiment
  • Simone's MSc Thesis
  • Anne's MSc Thesis
  • Taisa's MSc Thesis
  • Nicholas Thesis is for january, way way into the far future!

This list does not include any Club of Rome activity whatsoever, as you might have noticed.

What a piece of cake!

I hope I haven't forgot anything.