Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is Microsoft still the power?

The first war was, at the beginning, Microsoft vs Apple for a graphical user interface (GUI), where in 1984 Apple strikes first. In 1985, Microsoft shows the world Microsoft Windows, a GUI for any personal computer, no only Macs, overtaking Apple.

The second war was against Netscape to the Internet. Netscape strikes first in 1994 with 85% of market share. Microsoft, in 1995 uses its Windows share ands "gives" Internet Explorer to all Internet users, flattening Netscape to 1%.

The third war was to instant communication, ICQ strikes first in 1996. In 1999, Microsoft launches MSN Messenger, using its OS monopoly again.

The fourth war was and is to the search market. Google strikes first, in 1998, with PageRank technology. Internet was bigger then anyone could imagine. Google has 53,6% of it, a virtual monopoly. This time Google vs Microsoft seems like David vs Golias. Microsoft has no quick jabs. Time goes so fast that, today, 10 years later, nothing has stated yet. Google expanded to Gmail, YouTube, Orkut, Earth etc. A new tech-empire. Everybody shouts David, David, David...

Is Microsoft still the power?

Today I saw MSN Video embedded on MSN Messenger. I saw, at a glance, Microsoft again. How subtle and weak an empire might be. Incredible, when things sounds stable I see Facebook overtaking the consumed social networks phenomena. Look at behind of it, Microsoft on the fire. The brand-new Windows Vista comes powered by Microsoft Search as native or default for everything.

Where are Google fast moves? Now I prefer to think about Adobe Systems. While nobody used to give attention, it has 99,1% of computers around the world using its engine. More then Windows, Google and Firefox. Browser style goes down and it is coming Adobe AIR.