Saturday, October 6, 2007

News from the Spaniard front

Maybe I should mention something about the Club of Rome meeting last week; some positive things happened for our growing Brazilian chapter. The first one of those was due to Claudia's immense efforts, and now we have a beautiful copy of Limits to growth: 30 year update in portuguese. We'll be working on that launch soon.

I had a little setback, which I plan to write about later on. But a learned a lesson from the Samurai: Good shoes, a good bed, and a great job. More soon.

Another thing I'm glad is the deal, with my good friends Rolando and Sebastian, who brought one of the first production models of the very cool US$100 laptop, to execute Digital World 2008 in Brazil. Also in the picture are Raoul Weiler (Belgium) and Yolanda Rueda (Spain). I'm not sure that I should publish much additional information here, but some of our partners are the World Wide Web Consortium, The "Comitê para Democratização da Informática", and of course NETMATRIX. We hope to bring Prof. Negroponte next year.

We finally had a chance for a meeting of the Brazilian Chapter, in a dinner. Here are (clockwise from center-left) Profa. Eda Coutinho, Prof. Heitor Gurgulino (now a vice-president of The Club of Rome), Claudia Santiago, me, Mrs. Lilian (Prof. Gurgulino`s wife), and Prof. José Aristodemo Pinnoti.

Oh, and Don Juan Carlos I, The King of Spain, such a nice fellow.