Thursday, October 4, 2007

Breaking into categories: a way of consume the world

The human essence for cognition is to divide the world into categories so that one can handle parts of that. These parts can be combined in order to build new parts. This is the essence of manipulating a language, where language is a form of knowledge representation.

Let see an example on comprehending human biological sensors. Seems to me that there are seven of them.

1. Sight
2. Hear
3. Taste
4. Smell
5. Touch
6. Kinetics
7. Temperature

But Kinetics may be seen as an internal touch and Temperature may be seem as micro touch. Well, we now have only (classic) senses. But hear might be also a physical micro touch. And smell has something related with taste. Some kind of chemical interaction. At least, on the limit, sight might be a collision between light package and the retina, configuring a king of Touch either.

Categorization is, in such way, our choice to put some things together and other not. We choose a similarity criteria and go. This choice shows our way of seeing life. Directs our perception and the way we consume the world.