Saturday, September 22, 2007

The multiples consciousnesses: from a story teller

Let me bring again one focus of class 4 (last class). By the way, my attentional feedback system directed my focus to the "Hefferline experiment". It has my attention because I have never known about it (abstract meaning: surprise) AND its subject links in a coherent way with many asserts (theories) I have already matured on my mind. The possible existence of multiples consciousness.

In Hofstadter's theories, we have something like a pyramid architecture that has, on the basis, many nodes working in parallel to supply information for the top pyramid serial think decider. This is a Singleton guy we usually call it "consciousness". This singleton provides us a magic of decision-making, sometimes referred as free will. On the other hand, we observe many decisions being taken by other mechanisms without reporting to The singleton one. The Hefferline experiment shows it very clearly.

"After the experiment were finished, subjects were shocked to know they [or it] had being in control the noise all along."

Well, in fact, the subjects were not in control, neither were the scientists. Who was, then, in control? Someone else for sure. Someone/thing we (or should be Freud) named unconsciousness. Someone that turned off a switch to ignore that noise. Someone that made a decision without telling us (or The singleton).

This makes me think that might have a social network on the mind. Many consciousness making decisions all the time. There might have a social hierarchy with power relationships. And why the inferior castes are called the unconscious? Because the singleton is the one who is the story teller.