Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Human Intuition Project

Christian, one of our group leaders, has been calling for a name for our group for a long time now. So today we have settled in "The Human Intuition Project" as our family name. There are some things going on behind this choice: first, it brings connotations concerning the long-term goal of our initiative, which is to explain, and model, human intuition--with the secondary goal of developing cognitive technology. This is a long-term project, but we're confident we can bring some new ideas to the table.

A second thought concerning the name is that it does not leave us out of any of the areas that we're engaged in, such as: management science, cognitive science, decision-making, experimental psychology, behavioral economics, computer science, or philosophy.

The Human Intuition Project's goal is to understand the human mind as far and wide as possible, and to develop cognitive science and technology. We think that this is one the crucial scientific questions for this century, we have declared "friendly war" with Mr Hawkins, and we aspire to be a central group in this major scientific endeavor.