Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time for impeachment proceedings

"Relaxa e goza?"

The time for impeachment proceedings has come. Brazil cannot stand any further without a president. It is time for this drunken sailor to go.

As people burned to their deaths this very night, Brazil stands at a crossroads; are we going to keep on faking democracy? The president's incompetent inaction is responsible for this awaiting tragedy; yet, impeachment should be applied not for his incompetence, but for the high crimes committed, and admitted. The law must apply.

It is very sad, but realpolitik dictates that the law will only apply after a disgrace like this one.

After the unprecedented corruption scandals broke out in 2005, all around the president's inner circle, I talked to a high-ranking official from the opposition: "The law must apply here". The response I obtained, to my astonishment, was: "ok.. hmmm... but... but this vice-president... he's horrible". That, of course, was 2005, and the opposition was underestimating the president's ability to deceit, to lie, to pose as the savior, the messiah.

It is time for impeachment proceedings. Of course it won't happen. But it should. The vice-president is obviously horrible; yet, the law must stand above opinion and convenience. Brazilian democracy is not working. The law must apply.

Brazilian democracy is not working. This is of serious, sobering, consequence.