Monday, July 23, 2007

Codelets to handle come what may

I've asked:

Can there ever be "general codelets", to handle come what may?
The same codelets being used in NUMBO, COPYCAT, METACAT, CAPYBLANCA, LETTER SPIRIT, PHAEACO, and whatever else coming up from B-town? That might seem wild at first, but I think it's at least plausible.

What should these codelets do?
  • insert an object into a chunk
  • insert a chunk into another chunk
  • retrieve objects and chunks
  • measure temperature differentials of each potential operation
  • deal with system routines, such as updating temperatures, or spreading activation
  • communicate with active symbols (activating them, or being triggered by them)
They should of course be completely decoupled from objects and chunks and temperature and nodes and links and so forth. They should be able to handle requests without precise any information over what they're actually manipulating at each point in time; and, of course, the probabilities of operations and selected objects must be a function of what's going on in the slipnet.

Is there something missing here? I think this is plausible; and we'll soon know, when we attempt to develop COPYCAT from the library built for NUMBO, with no new codelets.

Wouldn't that be awesome?