Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brainstorming over NUMBO's slipnet

Ok, now that nodes, links & activations seem to be working, perhaps the moment of truth hath arriveth. Maybe it's time to build NUMBO's slipnet. What should it contain? Here's what Scott Boland uses in his thesis (from p. 105):

"there are three main types of concepts in memory: Numbers (salient numbers between 1 and 150), addition_instances and multiplication_instances. Addition and subtraction [NOTE: I think he means multiplication here] instance nodes are connected to numbers through three types of links, op1, op2, and result, representing the two initial numbers that are combined and the subsequent result. Example facts stored in the network include facts that 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 2*2=4 and 3*4=12. The current implementation has a collection of 45 salient numbers, 30 addition facts, and 32 multiplication facts stored explicitly in the network, although this number can be readily extended." (p. 105)
So, brainstorming a little, we get...

  • numbers: 150+ (from 0?, 1, 2, 3, ..., 150).
  • multiplication: 32
  • addition: 30

  • salient numbers: 45 (I'm thinking the 12 squares, plus the 15 (x*10) numbers, and god Boland knows what else).
  • Addition: 30*3 = 90
  • Multiplication: 32*3 = 96

Perhaps in the future we may want to include nodes for mathematical operations, such as (n1+n2=n3) linking to things such as (n2=n3-n1), and so on. But not at this stage. Let's stick to NUMBO for now.