Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Secret revealed

Harry Foundalis asks for mutiny:

And what does the crew of a ship do, I ask you, my brave fargonautic comrades, when the Captain wants to steer the vessel to waters that the crew doesn’t wholeheartedly agree to go to?
Yup. Mutiny.

To which yer blogger responds:

Mutiny? Ye deceitful eel... ye poseideon's cursed privateer... Avast! Aye, buccaneer, t' captain be crazy at ta command deck! Thar be archtectur' names galore on t' seas, and eye not about t'try t'list 'em all. But her's a smatterin' one ta have captured yer fancy. He ortin' ta be confortable wi' his name on ta ship; h e don't can feel bad 'bout 't. It be a good name, after all, mate. Hard t' pronounce after some bottles o' rum. I say ye throw t' captain overboard, ye scurvy dogs. Me parrot not stop singing ta name. Avast, after the storm passes, the pretentious bilge rats over t' other ships would fire cannons and burn towns for a name like ta. Ta copycat ship be great and ye sailed the high seas and ta cannons strik'd at t' sme an other ships with great fire and did ye ravish 'em, ha? But gettin' to be an old sea dog, and someday 't will sink t' Davy Jones' locker. We ortin' ta look ahead. But t' captain is got the treasure map, for sur', so meyb' we just lock him in ta bilge until we surely anchored and know what ta do after all rum be gone from our heads. Avast, mutineers! Shippin' out, --A.

Then Doug goes:

Thank you, you rather humorous people, you (especially you, Alex -- where on earth did you dig up that pirate lingo???).

Little does he know that September 19th, the most important day of the year, is talk like a pirate day.