Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A quarterly report to our investors

Long time no post! We've been working on the first, full-fledged, manuscript on the Capyblanca project. After a long selection period, I finally settled for a journal which is, in a sense, unusual. But it is also a perfect fit. So let's see what editors and referees will think of it. According to the journal's statement, I can't publish it, not even fragments, so this is it for now.

This was the major journal paper of the year (in fact it's the most important thing I've ever worked on), but we expect more to come this year, mostly from:

  • the March 4, 1999 project;
  • the cognitive reflection integrated model;
  • a new psychological experiment with Mr Brum et al;
  • a course on computational cognitive modelling (more posts soon);
  • a FARG architecture class library (which is, of course, the holy grail of all of civilization).
  • I've also been taken by total surprise by a new thing by new colleagues... let's see what will come out of IOWA.
Of course, we've got a number of papers in conferences for the year.

The book project is running around 150--200 pages... so there is a long way to go there. And it's not really the number of pages but the quality of the thesis... so that's for the longer run.

We've posted previously on goals for 2007, so it's good to report to our investors that we're on schedule to deliver. Perhaps a couple of weeks late. Then again, remember Hofstadter's law.