Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A wish list for 2007

Farewell to 2006, it's high time for some champagne, but before, some thoughts on what could be accomplished in 2007. It's a way to see how things will screw hold up by December of the upcoming year. Here's a bunch of fascinating, original, projects underway. Details about each one will follow in due course.

(i) To wrap up Jarbas great work on intuition and system 1/system 2 model; also the other paper on the distinction between hard/easy problems; after that there's more work on the pipeline; a lot more work actually;

(ii) To show that RPD can account for high-stakes decision making in real-life economic settings, such as an international currency crisis; this means that the rational actor view should be dethroned from those settings as well;

(iii) To finish my proof-of-concept project Capyblanca & have a report as soon as possible;

(iv) To develop a mathematical model alternative to the rational actor, and apply the model to at least one economic setting. Since this is related to what David, Anne, and Milber are doing (or starting to do), that's the subject for the next post on game theory.

(v) The Club of Rome: There are (at least) three (large) projects in our minds, and I'm hoping for a 2nd run of "Cultural challenges of Globalization".

more to come...